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If your interested in having one of our purification units (20FT Shipping Container) on your site or know of a possible location please call us today.

20 Litre Plastic Container

Easier to lift when full.

Plastic 20 litre container, available in various colours, Has a moulded handle for lifting on the top of container. Used once for pure water, have been thoroughly washed out We can also quote for pallet rate, up to 64 containers per pallet, smaller quantities can be catered for.

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25 Litre Plastic

Suitable for Ro Water, Anti-glug neck for safer pouring.


25 Litre Container
Screw Tap

25 Lite Container screw tap allows control of the flow of water.


600 Litre IBC
Water Tank

A SCH 600 litre caged tank.
Weight: 61kg
H: 1000mm x W: 800mm x L: 1200mm


We can also supply you with IBC fittings and taps

Please call for more details & next day delivery

What our customers say...

I have been purchasing pure water (approx 10,000 litres per month) from Kent Waterworks since December 2014. The water is used for our window cleaning business and is always readily available and to a very high purification standard. Before December 2014 I produced my own pure water. This was time consuming, and didn’t work out any cheaper. Now I don’t have to worry about constant water leaks, water purity and the work that goes into maintaining the system as it’s all done for me. An addition benefit to this system is that I have gained the space back in my home.

Steve Murray – All Bright Cleaning Services