Kent Water Works

Kent Waterworks are the largest RO water supplier in Kent & surrounding Counties

No matter where you are in Kent you are not far from one of our outlets for collection or nationwide next day delivery.

Cleaning Industry

Cleaning materials like glass, metal, and plastic with impure water can result in unsightly residue. Our RO pure water doesn’t have this trait, instead producing perfect…

Pet & Aquatics Stores

Fish, plants, and other aquatic life can be far more sensitive than a lot of people realise. Having the wrong contaminants in your water can prove to wreak havoc on…

Dental Surgeries

Many dental procedures require a surprising amount of chemistry, and getting this wrong can cause very poor results. RO pure water can help with this, ensuring that…

Ironing Shops

Ironing clothing with contaminated water can leave garments with stains and residue. This will be bad news for any ironing shop, with customers expecting their clothing to…

Electronic Manufacturers

While most people would assume that water stays far away from electronic manufacturing, we understand that this resource can play a key role when cleaning…

Car Valeters

A car is often a person’s pride and joy, and when they spend the time and money to get it valeted, it makes sense that they would want perfect results. Our RO pure water…

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What is RO Water?

RO stands for Reverse Osmosis. This is a process which involves pumping water through a semipermeable membrane, filtering out contaminants like lead and minerals, and leaving the water as pure as possible. Our RO water is tested to ensure that it provides a TDS Reading of 000 ppm, meaning that it is incredibly pure and contains no detectable contamination. Of course, you will have to secure your RO water supply to maintain this level of purity.
The results of reverse osmosis produce purer water than distillation, making it perfect for sensitive applications like cleaning, fish tanks, and dental surgery. We can supply RO water in a huge range of quantities, along with offering RO salt water, making it nice and easy to get your hands on the liquids you need.

Our Products

We Buy New & Used Plastic & Metal Containers

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