Ro & Salt Water Aquatics


We are the largest suppliers of RO & salt water to both residential
and commercial aquatics consumers.

For many years we have been supplying r.o pure water in and around Kent, we have 5 outlets with daily delivers running throughout the whole of Kent.

Water readings are taken daily

ppm 000 – nitrate levels 0 – ph level 5

We hold 4000 litres of water on site at all times and can supply any amount
from 25 litre barrels to a 1000 litre tank.

Our ro (reverse osmosis) water reading on the tds meter is 000 this is checked

Reasons why people buy ro water from us

  • On a water meter at home
  • Live in a flat with out no outside space
  • Rented property land lord will not allow r.o set up
  • Do not want r.o set up at home or the hassle of the maintenance
  • Resin costs are to high
  • R.o takes too long to make water for large tanks
  • Salt cost is high

We also sell 25lt containers £4.25 each

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Recent comment

Hi, My name is dave , I have been buying RO water for many years from aquatic retailers , mainly for convenience reasons but have  never been truly satisfied with the water. So i surfed the net for  local RO water suppliers and found you. I believe the water you  supply has to be the best i’ve ever had … My fish are healthy , my plants are healthy and the glass of my tank has zero residue on it  Making for a crystal clear view . Thank you!!! Will recommend  you to all my friends . Dave Ellis – ROCHESTER

No matter where you are in Kent you are not far from one of our outlets for collection. Or for delivery only 1 days notice is required.