RO Pure Water For Window Cleaning

Kent waterworks are officially the largest RO water suppler in Kent.

Over the last 5 years we have been supplying pure water to window cleaners
in and around Kent, we have 5 outlets New Outlets to be announced in the New Year.


We have loads of free parking at all outlets simply pull in and fill up, we can
fill 500 litre tank in 4 minutes using our high power transfer pumps for a quick turn around time.

we hold 10,000 litres of water on site at all times and can supply any amount
from 25 litre barrels to a 1000 litre tank.

Reasons why window cleaners buying water from us

  • On a water meter at home or lock up
  • Live in a flat with no outside space
  • Rented property land lord will not allow r.o set up
  • Do not want r.o set up in van or the hassle of the maintenance
  • Resin costs are to high
  • No longer want to waste money on renting a lock up

If your business has more than 1 van contact us today or Click here to open an account. Our Discounts are guaranteed to save you money on renting premises & time on R.O maintenance.


Recent comment

I have been purchasing pure water (approx 10,000 litres per month) from Kent Waterworks since December 2014. The water is used for our window cleaning business and is always readily available and to a very high purification standard. Before December 2014 I produced my own pure water. This was time consuming, and didn’t work out any cheaper. Now I don’t have to worry about constant water leaks, water purity and the work that goes into maintaining the system as it’s all done for me. An addition benefit to this system is that I have gained the space back in my home. Steve Weatherley – Allweather Window Cleaning

No matter where you are in Kent you are not far from one of our outlets for collection. Or for delivery only 1 days notice is required.